SAGE Girl BOXNow is the time to open up and improve your intuition! Join me for the SAGE Level One Foundational Intuition Training! The SAGE Method is a unique and empowering program, proven to cultivate strong psychic awareness and accurate intuition. It is structured for both beginners and experienced intuitives alike. A completely welcoming environment, it is supportive to the person who is new to intuition. A well structured course, it is excellent for the experienced intuitive who wishes to improve their skills. Regardless of if you are beginning, already using intuition, or working as a professional intuitive, The SAGE Method will give you the skills needed to open and grow! For more information click here.


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As a Medium, it is my job to balance energies that cannot otherwise be balanced.  Clearings bring peace to people, work environments, and land.

In readings, Guides and loved ones will often reveal aspects of your path that may be hidden from view or provide confirmation that where you are heading is the right direction.

Mentoring Session is an opportunity to focus on your personal spiritual growth and gain the practices and understandings you need to advance your spiritual studies and path.

While it can be difficult, death is a natural and beautiful process.  It is a journey made by someone we love to return home.  End of Life Transitional Work is practiced around the world to support them on their journey.

Our motivations in life determine the strength of our intuition.  Begin to live a life of honorable motivations and watch your intuition sharpen. ~Isabeau Esby

Those who dance were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music.  ~Angela Monet

The only way to pass any test is to take the test. It is inevitable. ~Elder Regal Black Swan